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Getting Selected As A GSoC student at SunPy

What is The Google Summer of Code? It is a program by Google for promoting students to contribute to open-source communities. It is also a G R E A T opportunity for us to work on projects with such big impact. I’m so glad I came to know about it. I loved that I could get this opportunity to work with people involved in developing software that is used by many.

Why I like Random Access Memories so much.

Why I like Random Access Memories so much. before i start you may have seen the length of this post. it’s incomplete. like as in i’ve just copy-pasted the rough-incomplete-pointers-at-the-end incomplete. you may ask why that is, it’s because it’s RAM’s 10th anniversary today which’ll end in exactly 5 mins in my timezone, i want to get this out before that happens. what’s random access memories? it’s a p cool album from Daft Punk, it’s very nice.