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Why I like Random Access Memories so much.

Why I like Random Access Memories so much.

before i start

you may have seen the length of this post.

it’s incomplete.

like as in i’ve just copy-pasted the rough-incomplete-pointers-at-the-end incomplete.

you may ask why that is, it’s because it’s RAM’s 10th anniversary today which’ll end in exactly 5 mins in my timezone, i want to get this out before that happens.

what’s random access memories?

it’s a p cool album from Daft Punk, it’s very nice. I recommend you listen to it.

but also not. realistically speaking i doubt you’d like it as much as i do. To most listeners, most of the tracks would be off-putting at the first listen. I have a particular affinity to electronic music, that’s the something that had me coming back to the album. No matter how weird most of it sound, I’d still come back for the pop-oriented Get Lucky or Instant Crush. The way my music taste developed over the years definitely played a part in it too.

But different people have different things that strike out to them. And who knows, maybe you’re going through the tracks and there’s something you recognise there and connect to.

What’s RAM like? it’s electronic… well kinda because you see

it’s also orchestra… well kinda since it’s not your traditional orchestra. You see,

it’s dance music… but not your avg dance music,

it’s more soulful… but that still doesn’t cut it.

it’s all of these things, and more, at once. and it’a perfected to perfection.

it’s about having fun, having fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , falling in love, getting your heart-broken, dancing, the essence and the evolution of dance music and the life-story of one of its pioneers, whatever the fuck motherboard is about, contact

it’s about music, falling in love, falling out of love, having fun, having fun (with a wink), what it is to be human (from the perspective of a robot) and, well, memories.

if classical music kept adapting with all the sounds and techniques that technology unlocked, RAM would be the Moonlight Sonata of our age.

1. Give Life Back to Music

One of those tracks which had vocals going for it, but i disliked initially despite that. On my first listen-through i felt that it’s got a wholesome cheery vibe without much depth which I still believe is true, especially since I was coming from the more

2. Giorgio By Moroder

Touch gets a lot of attention as the song but there’s a good reason that a lot of fans may give that title to Giorgio.

Speaking objectively, it’s easily one of the most unique tracks I’ve ever listened to. Definitely recommend you head over and give it a listen real quick. Perfect example of the song that sounded so weird on the first listen, I gave up straight away. Couple of months later and it’s easily one of the most heartfelt and innovative and inspiring tracks that I actually love listening to.

From finding something as too weird to listen to only to have it be one of my favorites later on, listening to Daft Punk has been an adventure alright.


touch deserves a blog post on it’s own

insight into how they write it: they talk in imagery

i fucking love GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)

adhd-ish attention to detail

perfect mixing

within is so clean

instant crush and how i’ve had periods of fav tracks

edm, soul

giorgio, some say it’s the true spirit of the track, exists in the same album as touch, eras


theory of evolution (classical music)

combine all of music. electronic but you have choir vocals, orchestra, piano, lead human vocals

it’s the song you try not to bring up because it’s too good. it’s the song you don’t want to mention on your social-fucking-media

contact. i dont understand it. does represent the future

you listen to the song you’ve been avoiding and it’ll be on your repeat for the next 3-weeks

you settle on a favourite until you listen to something else

proper analysis i won’t do, tbh i’d say things like there are “subtle drops” but i fear the more i do the more it’ll end up sucking, the exp would be ruined

todd edwards AMA last night