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What I’m doing these days.

(or more accurately how Watchmen is giving me an artificial crisis)

Been obsessed with Watchmen. The original Graphic Novel and the show. I feel weird about the show. Almost like it changes my perception and the safe model I had of Watchmen universe until I saw it. Kind of like how everyone felt when they heard about Dr. Manhattan. It’s hard to have to decide how I want to think about the phenomenally earth-shatteringly great universe set up by the original Graphic Novel. Whether I want to consider the show canon or not, for despite it’s better-than-expected writing and execution, it does fall flat in some areas and even the tiniest bit of imperfection stands out when previously you were having trouble wrapping your head around the perfection of it all.

I suppose I’ll see the show as a different universe all together, where the message of the original comic changes(?) taking the show in consideration. In fact, I should be grateful to be presented this opportunity to deal with something I’ve been avoiding since long. Why should it matter? Why should including the show in my mental model have any impact on the show? Shouldn’t I myself be able to determine whether Dr. Manhattan could have done more? Just how much of an unlikeabe character Rorshach really was? Well, a) because of the expository nature of some character’s nature ofcourse, exposition, almost by definition, is something you can’t “reason out”. I can’t say it’s out of character for Laurie to become so “headstrong” and assertive, since like it or not, that’s what ends up happening. If it doesn’t fit the character model you had in your mind, treat this as new information. Who’s to say you knew everything there was to know about these characters? Sure, as far as Laurie’s character development is concerned there were definitely signs and possibilities given her mother’s personality as she grew up but there’s no way to confirm it and believe that everything that happens now I should attribute to the same character in my head. I wouldn’t look at Laurie in the comic and think that this is the same character that’d go on to become a reckless and cocksure cop. Same way I can’t be sure that Manhattan would come back to Earth so soon to fall in love and gladly accept a death like that (though now that I think of it, given Manhattan’s consciousness across time, all of these events are kinda-sorta compatible with the comic). Which brings me to a point I’ve been meaning to just come to for a long period of time, just think of the show as Lindelof’s version of Watchmen, as a weird, fucked-up altered universe in the multiverse and think of Alan Moore’s version as just that, as the masterpiece it is. Some questions that Lindelof’s alternate version raises do carry over to Moore’s and should apply.

Also the show’s existence breaking my reality overshadowed my utter obsession with the themes and ideas of the original novel. Rorshach, Comedian, Manhattan and Ozymandias. Such thought-provoking writing.

So yeah, obsessed with Watchmen. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ soundtrack to Watchmen, and by extension, Soul as well.

I suppose I shall take a break from Watchmen. I have overdone the thing and soon I’ll keep going gaga over a superficial understanding of something that is unrealistic at the end of the day. The ideas explored are pretty good and thought-provoking sure but I’m only defiling their effect by placing them on a altar higher than I should.

They just announced a Scott Pilgrim show. So there’s that.

Also yeah, GSoC time chal rha hai. Have to write my proposal. Can’t seem to haha :skull:. Also T2 ke liye bhi padhna chahiye.


Jean-Paul Sartre, Camus, Kant, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky.